Growth hacking

Growth hacking focuses on discovering new growth markets that can be scaled up. Experimenting is often the only way to find out where that growth market is for your organisation. It is often a matter of testing where the potential lies and which tactics work.

Corporate Growth hacking

But how do you do that without running any risks? You bring in Patrick Krijnen, who quickly and intelligently uses his tech skills to discover your growth markets. Growth hacking: These skills consist of data knowledge, programming, automation, developing and implementing tools. As a growth hacker, Patrick Krijnen thinks top-down here too – with the goal as the starting point and all tech triumphs serving that goal.

What makes Patrick your guide to growth hacking:

  • His fast and intelligent brain. He is able to see what does and doesn’t work really quickly and intervenes immediately when processes don’t lead to the desired result. No unnecessary actions that take forever.
  • Data-driven actions. All choices are based on substantiated data analyses;
  • An inquiring mind and… guts.