Whom is Patrick Krijnen

On this page I try to introduce you to me as a person. To do this as best I can, I have written a little story below. As you may have experienced there are language errors in some of my texts. Fun fact, I am highly gifted but have dyslexia. I apologize in advance.
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Thinking along, solution-oriented, advising and creative.

My goal is to achieve the desired result for my customers. I use my knowledge and experience nationally and internationally. Creativity, and innovative solutions. Clear agreements and flexibility, even though these are opposites. They can co-exist.

Digitale innovatie en creatie van oplossingen

Welcome, my name is Patrick Krijnen

My experiences and knowledge: Innovation and creation, finding solutions to complex problems / situations. That is my passion in combination with entrepreneurship. I started my own company when I was 18. I had previously gained experience in all kinds of companies. As a 9 year old I was active as a computer repairman. Around my 10th birthday I did camera and editing work for several TV channels. Briefly described, my passion for entrepreneurship was developing at a young age. After I grew from just me to a company with several employees in a short period of time. Did I go searching, what do I want now. Then I ended up in international entrepreneurship. Here I have carried out several ICT, IT, programming management and other related assignments. Then I came into contact with an American. In the first face, we only built a website from within the company. After this he had a problem for a software solution. An MT swift transaction and registration system. This was then properly made in a very short period of time. After satisfaction I was asked to start as an interim Marketing Director for his company. After fulfilling this position and some unexpected accomplishments later, I was promoted to CTO. This took some getting used to, of course, but fortunately I had also performed above expectations and I was again promoted to Vice President. All my life I have been building and developing. The funny thing is that I only have an MBO level 1 diploma. I have studied a lot over the years and I still do that every day. Unfortunately, I don’t fit in with everyone because of that. Are you looking for a stereotype? Then you have not come to the right place! Are you looking for a solution-oriented, experienced, cooperative & out of the box thinking entrepreneur? Then you’ve come to the right place. Why did I become an entrepreneur: This has several reasons. My parents are entrepreneurs and so I got it as a child. In many cases this was the guiding principle for me in my decision to start an entrepreneur. From my 15th to my 17th I worked full-time as a Welder, in the steel structures. When I was 17 I came to the hospital with heart problems. This was unexpected and when I found out it was said. You have 3 months to live, or you need surgery with a 25% survival rate. This has changed a lot. In my life, but me in my personality. At this point I was declared unfit to practice the only profession for which I had a degree. The problem was not that I could not do anything, but that I cannot demonstrate it in regular ways. My father has always been, but then again “As an employee they ask for your diploma, as an entrepreneur about you.” With this in mind, the experiences and knowledge I had gained. Had I decided to work / do an internship for a company. I have done this at several companies. Subsequently, I made the decision to start an entrepreneur. I registered on 01-07-2015.

Web & app development

In 2015 I started my own company. This was a full-service advertising agency. Beforehand, I was active as a web builder for about 2 years.

Management and projects

I have supervised large and small projects both nationally and internationally. From 150+ ICT’rs in India to providing an optimal site or shop.

Marketing & optimization

Marketing and optimization is my best. I have a very broad knowledge and experience in this. By combining and automating the technical aspects and marketing, I make a difference here!


At E-commerce my experiences come in handy for setting up web shops, affiliate sites & dropshipping. I have had many successful projects in this for both clients and myself.

Knowledge and experiences

My knowledge and experiences have not been collected in the traditional way. These come from self-study “self-taught” and preference for knowledge. From specific knowledge to global information. In addition, I have mentioned a number of illuminating skills of myself. In 2016 at the age of 18 I got into the newspaper. Many big names share the method of acquiring knowledge on a self-taught basis. Dyslexia has been a major obstacle for me. At the moment I and others experience almost no nuisance anymore. Fun fact is that I do not experience any flaws in English writing. Currently I have devised an alternative speaking language for the Dutch written language that makes it possible for me to write these types of texts without spelling errors. Unfortunately, this does not apply to Dutch grammar yet. Many big names such as Leonardo DaVinci, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Albert Einstein & Alexander Graham Bell also had dyslexia. I don’t see it as a defect, but as a blessing to be pushed to develop an alternative method for this. Read a newspaper article below for an in-depth look, or go to the page I have dyslexia.