(International) ICT-Projectmanager

Automating processes cuts costs, prevents errors and speeds things up. At least it does if you do it properly. Patrick Krijnen has a nose for automation. His motto is "If something can be done faster and better, automate it!". Patrick is a clever guy when it comes to developing software, apps, APIs or IT models in the broadest meaning of the word. He is familiar with the most common programming languages and always has user-friendliness in mind.

(International) ICT project manager

He translates your wishes and requirements into solutions and acts as an advisor, manager or point of contact for the ICT team. Collaboration and getting people on board is crucial. Step-by-step Patrick gets everyone on board in the process and keeps an eye on and listens to everyone. Equally he is just as happy working with you in your workplace.

With project experience at national and international levels, Patrick speaks the language of both developers and (end) users.

Typically Patrick:

  • Works with clear, mutually agreed terms of reference;
  • Monitors budget and time;
  • Is a competent team player with management skills;
  • His development techniques are always tailored to the goal and the user.


Do you want to know more? Check here: who is Patrick krijnen.
Patrick he’s own Software development website: Solvware B.V.