Get the desired result!

From advice untill development. I supervise ICT and Marketing related projects. This can be as simple as developing a web or app. To reorganize the ICT and data structures in organizations.

ICT project manager

Looking for an IT project manager? As an IT interim or project manager. I ensure that the desired result is achieved. I do this for Dutch parties and foreign parties. National and international clients.

Marketing issues and projects

As a marketer I am deployed for many different issues. From consultant to executive. From SEO and SEA to growth hacking and many other marketing strategies and integrations.

Web & app development

Marketing & ICT come together in the development of websites, web shops and applications. By combining my knowledge and experience of the past. I can provide you with optimally performing sites and apps!

Knowledge & experiences

Who am I, Patrick Krijnen. But who is Patrick.
What is his knowledge and his experiences.
Meet Patrick Krijnen here!
Marketer / ICT specialist

Tailor-made solutions

As a specialist in the field of Marketing and ICT. Can I help, guide, advise and / or develop for you.

What does this all include? As an interim, this can take charge of a group of ICT workers. Or develop a new marketing plan and make it a reality. The project can be as simple as running an optimized site, shop or app. I have a broad knowledge, but I am certainly not able to do everything. ICT & marketing related projects are always welcome, please contact me and discuss the possibilities.

Have the desired result achieved by a specialist!

Web & app development

Have a website, webshop or app developed? What is the wish, I am going to make the desired result a reality for you.

National & international

Assignments all over the world are welcome. I have already been abroad and / or been active for several clients. All kinds of fun projects, from managing a large group of ICT professionals to advising and / or developing tailor-made solutions and / or sites, shops and applications.

Interim manager

Looking for an interim marketer and / or interim ICT specialist? Give me a call or send me an email. Let’s see what the wish is and see what the possibilities are.

Who am I?

Creative and efficient solutions

Well-founded advice and clear working methods. How do you want to take the next step?
Do you want to spar? That’s possible, let’s schedule a consultation!

As an entrepreneur and marketer, I am constantly studying and innovating on entrepreneurship and marketing related topics. I enjoy guiding advanced and starting entrepreneurs and / or organizations.


Ik ben altijd opzoek naar de beste oplossing en/of advies. Als u een vraag, situatie of advies nodig heeft denk ik mee over de bijkomende mogelijkheden.


Efficientie is een prioriteit voor mij, hiermee heb ik vele van mijn klanten al kunnen helpen. Van de optimalisatie van een proces of werkwijzen tot de aansturing van herstructurering / reorganisatie.

Feedback & advies

Feedback en advies een telefoontje verwijderd. Om mijn klanten zo goed mogelijk te begeleiden en te laten innoveren. Kunnen zij mij altijd bellen en/of vragen voor een advies gesprek. Een specialist als adviseer!

Finding solutions to complex problems and situations.

Do you have automation issues, a complex problem or situation? I am happy to help with that! Finding solutions to complex problems. That makes me happy. My passion as an entrepreneur is reflected in this. As an entrepreneur, looking for the possibilities and finding answers to new situations is essential. Do you have an issue I can help with?

What is the wish?

Together we look at what and how you would like it. I advise you about the possibilities, together we look at what suits you best.

Cooperation proposal

When the wish is clear, I will prepare a tailor-made proposal for you. When we are in agreement about the interpretation and the desired result, we will start!

Integration / development

Depending on the project, I will indicate here. But there will be a development / integration phase everywhere here. When we have done the layout, we are going to make everything together.

The desired result

Ultimately we are going to make it whole. When the desired result is there, we will make new agreements and / or plan and / or discuss aftercare.

Where did I start?

Passion for entrepreneurship is a consequence. I was an entrepreneur as a child. Not always with success, but making mistakes is part of it. From repairing computers to cameraman and editor before the age of 12. Always been busy, looking for potential opportunities and possibilities. Knowledge is the foundation of everything I do. From an early age I was constantly updating this knowledge. I still do this to this day.

Because I come from an enterprising family, I have been able to get a lot of advice. Knowledge is the start, implementation is the art. Knowledge and experience are essential. However, you cannot know everything. Doing business together, sharing the necessary knowledge. You don’t have to do it alone. The wheel no longer needs to be invented. By using knowledge and experience to provide the best possible advice or solution.

You just have to turn the wheel:
Today’s options allow everyone to look up something. However, this is often time-consuming and / or there is no interest in this. This has an impact on the results that will be achieved. Do not forget that an entrepreneur often wears several hats. Try not to stack this too high because the stack will fall over.


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