Online marketing expert

Online marketing is about understanding your data; your numbers and information. What has happened in the past, what's happening now and what's going to happen next? The right interpretation is crucial. You want to use a targeted approach towards it. With actions, filters or funnels. But this needs to be done very accurately. It is about missing opportunities or grabbing them. About capitalising on trends or developing long-term strategies.

Online marketingexpert

However Patrick Krijnen is also happy to take on small-scale solutions. Such as the use of online tools to attract more or better clients, retaining them and increasing turnover by cross and upselling.

Patrick Krijnen can give you advice and/or support your goals with his specialist tech knowledge. As a manager within the online marketing team, as an online marketer or as a visionary he can discover where your goldmines are and your success factors. And how to capitalise on them.

Put a professional at the helm of your team and your investments will pay off in no time.

Get Patrick in to:

  • Do an overview of and insight into your data, analyses and their interpretation;
  • Give you advice on a successful marketing strategy and its implementation.
  • Set up your online marketing or further develop your existing online marketing;
  • Develop a marketing plan that is in line with a previously agreed budget;
  • Implement online tools for targeted actions.