Web and app development

Websites that can be easily found and that are safe, that attract and retain visitors and ensure optimum conversion. That sounds like music to every entrepreneur's ears. That's exactly what Patrick can do for you. With knowledge and know-how of web building to ensuring optimum use. The sky is the limit. From a website that appears high in the rankings to the automation of customised campaigns. From implementing a lead generator to setting up a social media strategy.

Web en app ontwikkeling

No lengthy processes with third parties that cause delays, but hands-on solutions that generate the best possible return for you.

What Patrick excels in:

  • Website building with landing pages (HTML, CSS);
  • Developing online shops with secure payment functions;
  • Knowledge of design, use of colour and typography;
  • Use of SEA campaigns;
  • SEO optimisation;
  • Tracking tool implementation;
  • Chatbots, web scraping and using artificial intelligence.

    It’s all about the web and app development.