Who is Patrick Krijnen?

Growth, expansion, increased turnover, effectiveness. It doesn't just happen; you have to bring it about yourself. By pressing the right buttons. The technological marketing buttons.
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He likes to contribute ideas, is solution-focused, creative and good at giving advice.

Young and ambitious. High potential. That is Patrick Krijnen (1997). Not exactly your stereotypical ICT and marketing specialist. Don’t be fooled by his young age. His high intelligence and self-taught skills make him a fast thinker who is highly adaptable. A youthful senior person, as it were.

Digital innovation and creation of solutions

Knowledge and experience:

Top-down thinking is in his DNA. He makes links and connections in no time. This makes him extremely appealing and well-suited for today’s ICT and marketing profession. He is able to oversee the unprecedented and inexhaustible technological options like no other.

There is a pitfall in this as the possibilities are endless. But what do you want as an organisation? How much growth can you handle? How mature are you?
These are crucial questions. Patrick can have an advisory role in this. The possibilities are endless, but they have to tie in seamlessly with the feasibility and scalability of an organisation as well as with its ambitions.

You need to have guts if you really want to make progress. The guts to think out of the box and to do future-oriented business with the next generation.

With Patrick Krijnen as your guide in the wonderful world of technology.

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Knowledge & experience

Patrick is an entrepreneur through and through. With ‘building and development’ being his main driving force in life. As a 9-year-old he was already repairing computers. A year later he was working as a cameraman and editor at various TV stations. It is hardly surprising that as soon as he turned 18, Patrick rushed to the Chamber of Commerce to register his first business. With innovation as his middle name and entrepreneurship as his passion. A self-taught man who is not your stereotypical techie, but his achievements speak to the imagination. Both nationally and internationally, entrepreneurs recognise his gifts and talents. Many a project starts small, but leads to interim assignments, management duties or even interim vice president positions. That takes trust. But let’s face it, it’s an important condition for any kind of collaboration.